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Cool Tips: How To Keep Your Skin In Tip-Top Condition Over Winter

Posted by Catalina Estrada on
Cool Tips: How To Keep Your Skin In Tip-Top Condition Over Winter

Loungewear, a hot chocolate, and a fire are the perfect combination for those cold winter days. The days are shorter, the nights are longer, and yes, we’re not afraid to admit it: winter takes a toll on us. It’s freezing out, we rarely see the blue sky, and more often than not, to top it all off, our skin can act out too.

Dry, flakey skin, a rash here and there, inflammation, and itching. The all-too-common signs of a harsh winter.

However, what if we told you there were 5 seriously cool tips to help keep your skin looking hydrated, plump, and radiant throughout the winter. YES PLEASE!


1. Don’t Be Fooled By The Gray Sky – Wear Your SPF Proud!

“Did you put on some sun cream?” exclaimed Mom every day. Reluctantly I’d answer: “Yes, Mom.”

Though those words haunt me to this day (and I’ll deny it if you tell her), my Mom was SO right. Applying SPF to your face every day is one of the best prevention methods for damaged skin – yes, over the winter too!

 Though the sun’s appearance is often limited over the winter months, UV rays can still reflect off the snow and reach you at a lot more angles than a day where there is no snow (Reid Health, n.d.).


2. Eat Heart-Healthy Foods: Nourish Your Skin From The Inside Out

How much your diet affects your skin in winter still requires more research. However, studies have shown that consuming whole foods rich in vitamins and minerals can be a way to feed your skin from the inside out (Schagen, et al., 2012).

Avoiding processed foods that are high in sugar and salt is also recommended. These foods can draw the water out of your skin, leaving it dry and flaky, says Naissan O. Wesley, MD, a board-certified dermatologist based in Beverly Hills, California (Marks & Lawler, 2021).


3. Hydration: It’s Cold, But Your Body Still Needs H2O

I don’t mean to sound like my mom (again), but how much water have you drunk today?

Did you know it has been scientifically proven that consuming more water can improve someone’s “quality of life” (Palma, et al., 2015). The rule applies for any season, stay hydrated, and not only will you also feel great, but your skin will also look radiant and hydrated!


4. Moisturize Your Skin – E-v-e-r-y-day

Moisturize your skin when it’s still damp after washing. A moisturizer’s job is to lock in moisture, so when you’re damp, there’s plenty of moisture to trap! Try and make this a routine, especially over the winter (American Academy of Dermatology Association, 2021).

Bonus tip: avoid boiling hot showers; a short warm shower is the best way not to dry out the skin. Really hot water dries you out!


5. Switch To TRT CELLULAR!

Finally, which products to use? Easy. You’ve found us.

Thanks to TRT’s human stem cell technology development, TRT CELLULAR was born. The only cosmetic brand in the world to use our patented stem cell technology, our human umbilical stem cell extract has been proven to accelerate skin regeneration.


Follow steps 1-4 throughout the winter months and enjoy radiant skin. Make the switch to TRT CELLULAR and transform your skin forever, starting today.


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