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About Us

Tissue Regeneration Therapeutics (TRT) is a Canadian life science company based on patented human umbilical cord technologies that provide a comprehensive product portfolio from skin care products to cell based, and cell engineered, therapeutics. TRT’s proprietary technologies focus on a special type of cell called a mesenchymal stem (stromal) cell (MSC) that has potent immune-regulatory and anti-inflammatory properties, and can thus be used to treat immune and inflammatory diseases.

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TRT has now launched TRT CELLULAR, a cosmetic brand based on our patented human umbilical extract produced from the cells at the core of TRT’s long-term expertise. This unique biologic human stem cell extract is added to each of our TRT CELLULAR products.

TRT CELLULAR is a cosmetic brand founded on the extensive experience of the TRT parent company in developing technologies based on the perivascular stem cells of the human umbilical cord. TRT produced a derivative from these cells that has been shown in laboratory experiments to have potent tissue healing properties: 


This important work led to protecting the discovery by filing a patent and publishing the findings in a number of university theses and conferences.

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